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هدیه مرسا به کاربران

Charity fund
You can record alerts and group them using the best routing algorithms, and the system will always provide you with the best quality reports you need in your dashboard.

You will provide the details of the sponsors based on their pay periods in the registration system and the system of payments made and reports outstanding.

Charitable donor
There are people in the community who devote their time and expertise to charity. Using the Mersa system you can record the information, expertise and assistance they can provide and use it at the right time.

Non-cash donations to charities and charities
Heating supplies, clothing, food, and many other surplus items are all types of charitable donations. These requests can be registered at Mersa to be collected at the most convenient time.

اهدای لوازم منزل و جهیزیه خیریه




Powerful dashboards
Top graphical and statistical models
User-controlled access level
The strongest positioning system and the most up-to-date map
Connect to a VoIP system to increase work efficiency
Send your messages to contacts through various ways

Applying the most powerful programming technologies
Connect to the system with any Internet device anywhere in the world
Has the highest security clearance and penetration rate
Has 6 test certificates
Up Time 99%

Our prestige; over a decade of charitable work
More than a decade of our continued presence in charities, specialized analysis and programming of various versions of charity, charity, philanthropy, and more.

رزومه کاری مرسا در موسسات خیریه

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